Hampton Roads Academy Needed to Improve Communication About Student Health

Rachel Kauffman
June 6, 2018
Athletics, Case Studies, Student Health
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Hampton Roads Academy Needed to Improve Communication About Student Health

The Challenge 

During the summer months, Marty Bailey, Nurse at Hampton Roads Academy (HRA), was required to come to school once or twice a week to pick up student health forms that were either mailed in or deposited in a locked box on campus. From home, Bailey sorted through all the information and, using a spreadsheet, confirmed that all student documents were received, complete, and accurate. One of the submitted documents consisted of a three-part consent to treat and additional insurance information. The document required both parent and student signatures and had to be separated into three sheets, with two copies given to Tracy Andrus, HRA’s athletic trainer, and one retained by Bailey. This document was additionally used to notify Andrus of the student’s participation level and date of physical. 

Even though a spreadsheet was given to the athletic trainer at the beginning of preseason, Bailey was still on campus for the first several days of practice to help verify completed records and physicals for each athlete and to continue to process incoming “late” paperwork. Letters including the necessary paperwork were always sent to parents on May 1 and were required to be returned by August 1, but much of the paperwork was not returned by the deadline. Andrus did not have an independent, up-to-date method of knowing if students had a physical and appropriate paperwork completed for the sports beginning August 1. Given that more than 70 percent of the HRA student population participates in at least one sport, this lack of access and assurance was a problem. 

“My job is so much easier now. Magnus eliminates boxes and boxes of paper and filing… it’s so easy to navigate.”

–Tracy Andrus, Athletic Trainer 

The Solution 

HRA sought a solution to their yearly paperwork issues that would also improve interdepartmental communication of health information. Because forms were copied multiple times, they became increasingly difficult to read, and even when a legible copy was in hand, there was little reassurance that the copy was entirely up-to-date. 

These factors led HRA to implement the Magnus Health SHR. In a paperless environment, SHR provides: 

  • increased health information management capabilities 
  • improved compliance management and monitoring 
  • simplified tracking and reporting 
  • enhanced interdepartmental communication 
  • strengthened emergency access 
  • greater peace of mind to schools and parents 

The Result 

Monitoring compliance used to be Andrus’ top priority, but because paper has been eliminated and everything is tracked online, this year she was able to complete IMPACT concussion baseline testing in record time. “It’s so much easier now. It eliminates boxes and boxes of paper and filing…it’s so easy to navigate,” Andrus said, noting that everyone is now on the same page because they can log in and view the most up-to-date information, without having to contact Bailey for details or photocopies. 

Ease of use has been a pleasant side-effect. “Marty set me up with a username and password, and I was able to figure out how to use it to suit my needs, pretty self-explanatory,” Andrus said. And for Bailey, it was a smooth transition with the help of her “rock” — the Magnus Health Client Services team. 

HRA has also taken advantage of the Magnus911 solution, easily accessing it while off campus for athletics using an iPad. 

These factors have HRA looking forward to the future. “I am looking forward to an easier collection of information this year,” Bailey said. “Parents now have a better understanding of Magnus and it will be easier for them to comply. Most importantly, Tracy will be able to track the students as soon as they are approved, and I can remotely monitor incoming information each day.” 

“I am looking forward to an easier collection of information this year. Parents now have a better understanding of Magnus and it will be easier for them to comply.” 

— Marty Bailey, Nurse


With paperwork and communication difficulties under control, HRA is looking to the future with SHR. Intensive paper collection and spreadsheet tracking are things of the past. All necessary departments have access to the current information now, without having to decipher a copy of a document. And ultimately, the school and students are better prepared and protected for any health situation that comes along.