2015 Independent School Health Conference Keynote Speaker Announced!

You might have heard of a little thing called the Independent School Health Conference. We’re pretty excited about it, and to add to that excitement, we’re happy to announce the ISHC 2015 headlining keynote speaker is Miguel G. Marshall, M.A., Ed.D.! Miguel has long been immersed in the independent school environment, and along with his brand new research, he brings insight from his own experiences as a student and employee of independent schools.

During Miguel’s keynote Thursday morning, he will integrate his research, the Principles of Good Practice, as part of advancing a public health mindset in independent school health services as a pathway toward prevention. You may recognize Miguel as he also recently presented at the NAIS Annual Conference 2015 on the future of health and wellness in independent schools and has coordinated several school health and wellness events in NY and MA. 

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More about Miguel Marshall

miguel_m-299_1Miguel holds a Ed.D. in health education from Columbia University. He successfully defended his dissertation, titled, Achieving Consensus on Principles of Good Practice for School Health in Independent Schools: A Delphi Study. Prior to returning to graduate school, he was the Associate Head of School at The Caedmon School in New York City, where he served as the school’s first health director, developed and taught its first health education curriculum for fifth grade students, and coordinated efforts that led to the creation of it’s first nursery exclusively for faculty children. He earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Muhlenberg College and a M.A. in Health Education and Health Behavior from Columbia University. He is also a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for the Central Park Medical Unit in New York City and holds a certificate in Advanced Project Management from the Stanford University Center for Professional Development.

As a former independent school student himself, Miguel believes passionately in the capacity of independent schools to be leaders in school health and to help students be active participants in their own health, as well as in the health of others.