2019 Back to School Q&A with Magnus Health Client Services Team

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August 30, 2019
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2019 Back to School Q&A with Magnus Health Client Services Team

nurse_harriett at computer_smallAs the Summer season starts to slowly come to an end, school Nurses are starting to get back into their routine, making sure each student has everything that is needed to get them enrolled in classes and sports for the new school year. That means everyone has lots of questions. Parents have questions for the school nurses, nurses have questions for our Magnus support team… After chatting with the Client Success Team, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked Back to School questions submitted by our clients and listed them here for an easy reference!

How can I generate a list of students who are compliant / non-compliant?
Tracking and reporting on compliance is super easy when using the Smart List feature in Magnus. By using Smart Lists, you can generate compliance reports for specific grades, groups, or requirements. Perhaps athletics needs a compliance list for students participating in sports. You can run a list by team (group) or athletic requirement.

How can I generate lists for students with specific health conditions?
As a Magnus user, you can quickly generate lists of students with allergies and other health conditions using the information provided in the student’s Vital Health Record (VHR). Our client schools can quickly pull VHR reports or run a Smart List using the VHR filters. This information can then be passed to Health staff or teachers at the beginning of each school year.

How can I give Magnus account access to a teacher/chaperone for a specific set of students?
Magnus account Admins can set up role-based user privileges so that users can only see information pertinent to their job. Access permissions can be narrowed down to only allow mobile app access to a specific group of students.

Is there a way I can contact a parent using the Magnus portal once my email reminders have been turned off?
Magnus users can securely communicate in several ways. You can email a parent directly through their student’s Student Medical Record (SMR), or, if you need to send a bulk email, the “Smart List > Send Mass Email” functionality is the quickest way to get your message out to several families at once.

The Magnus Client Services team is always happy to assist Magnus account users and staff. We wish all school staff a successful and healthy school year!