2nd Annual Dodgeball Charity Challenge was a success!

Magnus Health
October 2, 2014
1 Minute Read

2nd Annual Dodgeball Charity Challenge was a success!

Saturday was a comfortable 79 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. All I needed was some sunscreen and four hours of dodgeball. I got both at the 2nd Annual Raleigh International Dodgeball Charity Challenge.

We were competing against an NCSU football game, a motor cycle rally, and four other festivals in surrounding areas, but those things didn’t stop us. Saturday, from 10-2, top notch dodgeball was on display, and Bandwidth claimed the title, all in an effort to raise awareness and money for Wake County school health services. Our mission: Identify children with health needs that have gone unidentified due to lack of access to care, and ensure they receive the care they so badly need.

As of Saturday, we’ve raised nearly $22,000 in that effort. And this is just the beginning. This year we’ll continue to raise money, and you can count on the fact that we’ll also be preparing for next year’s event – stand by for a date announcement. Until then, join us here in Wake County, or in your own local effort, to ensure there are enough nurses in schools, and that student health issues are not going unidentified. Healthy children make better learners, and if we can help make sure the children are healthy, we’re all going to benefit from their improved educational outcomes. Check out the dodgeball fun on facebook, and learn more about our efforts on DodgeballsGiveBack.com.