4 Tips for getting faster answers from Magnus Health support

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October 15, 2014
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4 Tips for getting faster answers from Magnus Health support

When you reach out to our Client Services team for help, you know we are going to assist you as quickly and thoroughly as humanly possible.

But did you know there are a few things you can do to help us help you even faster and more accurately? Here are four things that our savviest customers do when reaching out to Magnus Client Services.

1. Choose the right support channel

The “Need Help” button gives you a range of ways to communicate with us depending on the situation. Pick what works best for you, but consider the urgency of the issue.

  • Use the training site. This option allows you to go at your own pace and use the powerful resources at your fingertips. Each time we develop a new feature or functionality, we create accompanying articles and/or videos to support it. Those articles and videos are all located on the training site, so most of the answers to your questions can be found there. Browse the training site by clicking the link from the Need Help button and view the documentation written and used by our very own support team. Tip: If you’re looking at a specific article and you think it’s missing something, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll use that feedback to make the article even better. 
  • Call us. If you are in the middle of something and encounter a problem that’s preventing you from moving forward, please call us. Our phone number is always accessible from inside your account by clicking the Need Help button. Or, you can reference any email communication you’ve had with your Client Experience Manager and find their direct line in their email signature.
  • Submit a ticket. Sometimes you don’t need an answer right away, or perhaps you have a suggestion to make the product better, or maybe you just have a feeling you could use some additional training. This is where submitting a ticket is the best bet. Keep in mind when submitting a ticket that the more detail you provide up front, the better we can assist you.

2. Describe the steps you took

The very best way for us to understand your problem, and fix it, is to know exactly how you encountered the problem. It makes us positively gleeful to know the steps you took so that we can recreate the issue. Plus, if we can recreate the problem, there’s a much better chance we can fix it quickly. One thing we’ll ask you, by phone or by email, is what browser and version you’re using. You can easily determine that by using this link: http://version.mymagnus.com/ All you have to do is paste it in your browser’s URL address bar and hit Enter. The page will return the information we need to assist you, and will help us hit the ground running.


3. Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish

Magnus changes fairly frequently, and that’s a good thing because we’re constantly improving the product. But, we’re always aware that means our users may expect things to work differently. The key when getting support is to start out by telling us what you’re trying to accomplish. If we know you want to create a smart list of all the soccer players with compliant accounts, we can help direct you from the start, and we’ll all be on the same page. Giving us context will help us understand why you’re trying to accomplish something, which helps us provide you with the best way to do it. It also helps us determine if something isn’t working as it should, and we can get our engineers on it much faster that way.

4. Take screenshots

We know it’s difficult to describe your problem sometimes, and we know how frustrating it is to have a problem, and then not be able to replicate it for others. This is where a visual can help – a lot. When you’re sending us an email, attach a screenshot (or screenshots), so we can visualize your issue. If you’re super-savy, you can even send over a video screencast. Sending a visual with your explantion can save you a lot of time and back and forth with our Client Services team. Taking a screenshot is easy on a Mac or PC. You an also use one of our past blogs on the top 10 tech tips as guidance. And if you want to do a screencast, check out one of our favorite tools, SnagIt.