5 Health tools for school nurses

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5 Health tools for school nurses

School nurses use technology to improve efficiency and knowledgeI promised another blog post, and I don’t like to break promises. Welcome to the first Health Tool Kit, brought to you from your friends (and partners in health) at Magnus! We’re going to start off with nurses, because they’re the bread to our butter, the peanut butter to our jelly, and the orange to our office walls. I’m serious, we love orange.

So why does a school nurse need a Health Tool Kit? You might already know this, but nurses are at the forefront of a school’s well-being. They take care of each and every health issue you could ever think of – battling germs, bullying, and chronic diseases – all without ever stepping into a superhero costume. But in order to be our everyday heroes, they (you!) need the proper tools:

1. Your Health

Ever tried to use a hammer without a handle? How about a staple gun without any staples? Probably not, and if you have, I send you my condolences. Your greatest tool is yourself, and if you’re not healthy, you can’t take care of your students. It’s that simple! Here’s how to make sure you stay in tip top shape, with a fun acronym.

No. It’s okay to say “no” when you need to, especially if you’re stretched too thin.
Uncover your athletic talents. Exercise does wonders for your health, and sets a positive example.
Roll out each day with positivity. Not feeling happy? Fake it ‘til you make it!
Sleep 7-9 hours each night. Jimmy Fallon can wait until the weekend, I promise.
Eat healthy meals all day, everyday. Use healthy eating tips to guide you, and leave fad diets behind.

2. Collaborative Co-workers

The healthiest school is made possible when every part works together for the benefit of the students. As the health provider, YOU have the power to take it one step above and beyond, and that’s pretty cool. Collaborate with other staff at your school who are just as passionate about health, and evaluate how your school can improve, such as:

  • Incorporating exercise into classroom activities
  • Planning taste-test days to show kids that green foods really aren’t so scary
  • Educating students on the importance of exercise and nutrition

3. Planning Ahead

You’re talking to the queen of procrastination right now. I have a terrible, terrible habit of procrastinating, which means I know how awful it feels to get behind on tasks. Simple changes, like keeping an updated calendar on your phone and breaking large projects into smaller chunks can help you (and me) stay sane.

4. Indulging in a hobby (or something you enjoy outside of work)

Coming home after a long day to cooking dinner and helping your kids with homework is very noble and caring, but it’s not necessarily a break from stress. Try this: schedule one unnegotiable hour each week to do something you’ve been itching to do. Want to crochet a warm set of socks? How about try a new yoga class? Go do it! When you realize how much you enjoy it, schedule another hour into each week. We’ll take a new pair of socks as a “thank you” for this idea.

5. Technology

Nearly all of us have, somewhat ashamedly, been culprits of the smartphone craze. From crushing candy to checking Facebook every hour, we know how to zone out with technology. But what about tuning in? Using apps like WeatherBug to check on recess conditions, following school nurse Twitter profiles for news and resources, or taking advantage of our own Magnus Mobile app for a safe school can mean success for you, and for your students. 

Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have any other tips for school nurses? Let us know!

And don’t forget to thank the school nurse or health staff at your school by nominating them for the 2014 ASHE Award. (They could win $1,500.)