April wrap-up

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April wrap-up

April just might be the perfect month. It’s filled with sunny days and cool, breezy nights. Even better, you can feel the excitement of summer’s fast-approaching days in the air. We’re feeling that same excitement, because we’re gearing up for one of our busiest yet most exciting seasons. As schools wind down for summer break, we’re charging full steam ahead.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to!

At a Glance

At Magnus HQ


Unveiling the Independent School Health Conference

Last year, we hosted Magnus Academy for just our school users. Based on feedback from last year’s attendees, as well as results from 2013-14 Annual Report, we’ve expanded the conference to include all independent school health professionals, and more than 18 hours of continuing education credit. 

The new conference, the Independent School Health Conference (ISHC) will run July 29-31 this year. July 29 is a pre-conference day of nothing but continuing education, and July 30-31 are filled with all the fun and excitement you can handle at a conference!

Learn more and register for ISHC »

Software updates

SMR updates are always in the works because we believe in continuously improving. That’s why we dedicated time and energy into expanding our software integration portfolio. Integrations save everyone time, especially school administrators, which is why we’re excited to introduce our newest integration with Veracross. It joins the ranks with our other integration partners such as Senior Systems, Blackbaud, and Finalsite.

Learn more about the Veracross Integration »

Client Feature

Norfolk Academy


“Compliance” isn’t just a buzzword. Helping schools achieve high, or perfect, student health form compliance is a big deal, and we’re excited to be a part of the process. We’re even more thrilled to be able to share compliance success stories.

Before using Magnus Health SMR, Norfolk Academy struggled with collecting health and immunization information from parents each year. Now, Norfolk Academy reports a 100% compliance rate. So how did they get to this point?

Norfolk Academy used a five-step process to implement and reinforce health form compliance, which you can also use.

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Hot Topics

Emergency Planning

Emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time, and schools are no exception. Schools need emergency plans that function and perform during a true emergency, which can be achieved through several crucial factors. But creating a school emergency plan is only the first step. Testing the emergency plan and completing drills with your staff can help you create an emergency plan that works when you need it to most. To learn more, watch the on-demand webinar, “Your Best Emergency Plan: Your Staff.”

Risk Management

Risks are part of life, but there are ways to reduce your chances of running into them. At independent schools, risk could come in the form of HR practices, facilities, trips, use of volunteers, bullying and misconduct, acceptable use policies, and more. In order to decrease your school’s exposure to risk, Martin Kelly, President of Independent School Management (ISM), details practices that will help you build or review your risk management plan. You can catch up on all of the information by watching the on-demand webinar, “A 360° View of Independent School Risk.”


Benchmarking your school’s health services

The 2013-14 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services was the first of its kind, and it allowed independent schools to see how they measure up to other schools similar to their own. We heard from near and far that this research was invaluable, so we’re doing it again. The 2015 Research Questionnaire is open and we’re encouraging all independent schools to participate.