Important Considerations for the Business Officer

Magnus Health
November 9, 2011
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Important Considerations for the Business Officer

In our litigious society, it is becoming increasingly more important for school administrators to understand the potential risk associated with student health information. You may already have precautionary measures in place to prevent confidential records from getting into the wrong hands; however, there are still two very important questions to ask yourself:

  • Are hard copies of student health forms being stored in filing cabinets at my school?
  • Are duplicate copies of these forms being used for field trips or off-campus sporting events?

If the answer to either of those questions was “yes,”

  • Can you really be certain that only the appropriate people at your school have access to this confidential information?
  • In the event that your student health forms are lost, stolen, or destroyed, do you have a recovery plan?

If your school nurse is utilizing traditional database software to track student health information, you probably answered “no” to the second set of questions. What your school needs is a system that can eliminate paper forms altogether so that you can lock down your student health information to remain FERPA- and HIPAA-compliant.

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