Avoiding Costly Lawsuits

Magnus Health
October 21, 2011
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Avoiding Costly Lawsuits

Earlier this month in California, new legislation was passed (Assembly Bill No. 25) that requires a concussion and head injury information sheet to be signed by a student athlete and his or her parent or guardian before attending practice or a competition. The law also states that the form has to be filled out and signed each year that a student plans to participate in school athletics. More than 30 states already have similar laws regarding youth concussions and it is likely that there will be a national protocol for handling these types of injuries as early as 2013.

These changes in legislation are likely the result of the increase in youth brain injuries over the past several years, as well as some very costly lawsuits surrounding concussions in particular. In a case from Missouri, dating back to 2005: “Failure by high school administrators and football coaches to pull an injured player off the field resulted in permanent brain injury for a 14 year old freshman and ultimately a $3M settlement after suit was filed.” Read the full article here.

Attention: athletic directors and coaches…don’t let this happen to you!

While the laws vary slightly from state-to-state, the fact remains that liability for sports-related student injuries ultimately rests with any school and their staff. Magnus Health can not only help with the collection and review of the required forms, but can also reduce your school’s risk surrounding this liability and numerous other areas in which your school might be vulnerable.

If you’d like to learn more about how Magnus Health’s student medical record (SMR) can assist with your school’s compliance to these state laws and other regulations, sign up for a brief product demonstration here.