Conditional Requirements

Collecting, tracking and managing forms for students might not be quite as daunting of a chore if all students needed the same forms, but this just isn’t the case. Every class, every grade has a student or group of students with special requirements and those requirements need to be collected in such a way that these students are separated from the general population and easily accessed in the event of an incident or emergency.

In my conversations with school nurses, I find that one of their biggest concerns and frustrations is ensuring that this vital information is not only collected systematically, but that it is accessible when it is needed.

The great news is that Magnus Health SMR is built specifically to manage these very situations. Your students with diabetes, asthma, allergy treatment plans or medication authorizations are prompted to complete and submit these forms. Once they are collected, they are automatically grouped together for easy referencing and access. This is true of literally any form you collect from students and parents. It is a virtually effortless process on the part of your health center, and you and your parents have the additional peace of mind of knowing that this critical information is no more than a few clicks away no matter when or where it is needed.