Introducing our new Provider Program

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Introducing our new Provider Program

Magnus Health’s primary focus is streamlining the collection and secure storage of student health information. Starting this summer, we’re hoping to make the process even easier for schools, students, and parents by inviting healthcare providers to participate in our new Provider Program

The first phase of the Provider Program will roll out to independent schools and their local doctors’ offices. Participating providers will benefit from having their contact information visible to parents that are logged in to their Magnus account. 

The program is also beneficial to students and parents because it removes a step from the medical record submission process. Parents simply print their child’s forms at home and bring them to an integrated provider for completion. The provider then handles the submission of the documentation to the student’s SMR, eliminating the need for a parent or guardian to fax, mail, or upload the documents themselves. 

For schools, working with integrated providers means that required student information is available more quickly. We encourage our schools to invite providers who they’re already working with to enroll in the program and we plan to reach out to other local doctor’s offices as well. Please visit our Provider Program page for updates and additional details.