The Risky Business of Health Records

Magnus Health
June 26, 2012
2 Minute Read

The Risky Business of Health Records

We’ve always enjoyed attending events put on by the National Business Officers Association and the 2012 Business Officers Institute was no exception. Last week, Allen Cobb, our COO, co-presented with Barbara Sabatini, Technology Coordinator at Cape Fear Academy, on “The Risky Business of Health Records.”  In case you missed it, below is a brief recap of the presentation:

Anyone who has ever collected and managed student health information for a school knows the burden that comes with ensuring compliance – confirming that each student has submitted all required information and that the information is then handled in accordance with federal regulations. Security of confidential health records is essential, therefore only a limited number of employees should have access, and only when necessary. While protection is key, it’s also critical that immediate access is possible during and after an emergency or disaster. Finally, communication between parents/guardians, the school, and the student is essential to ensure optimum care, and allow the school to provide notifications regarding new health requirements, schedule changes, outbreaks, etc.

A web-based SMR (student medical record) can solve the headaches and confusion brought on by student health information collection and management fatigue. 

What info makes up a student’s medical record?

  • Immunizations, physicals, consent to dispense prescription medication, consent to treat, action plans, health history, and any other information your school requires for enrollment and attendance

What can an SMR do for your school?

  • Manage Risk & Reduce Liability: abide by federal regulations, ensure the accuracy of information, and assure the security and privacy of student health information
  • Achieve Emergency Preparedness: ensure access to the information during and after an emergency or disaster
  • Obtain Efficiency: eliminate paper records and redundant follow-up phone calls, and ease communication between all parties with automated emails, text messaging, and secure messaging within the web-based system
This recap just scratches the surface of the presentation and how an SMR can help your school navigate and ease the collection and maintenance process. View our product tour to learn more.