Disaster Preparation and Recovery

Fire, flood, tornado, burglary, vandalism…the list of possible natural disasters and unforeseeable events is endless. We’d all like to think that these things won’t happen to us, but ignoring the possibility seems naïve and irresponsible. It’s difficult to prepare for something totally out of our control, but we must do our best. In a school environment, our first instinct is to protect students, staff, and faculty, and rightly so. But there are other aspects of the school that should be protected as well, including student medical records and other sensitive information stored in the health center, clinic, or nurse’s office.

With a paper-based system, all student information is vulnerable to loss from natural disasters; and protection from theft or vandalism is only as secure as the school’s locked door or alarm system. Why leave sensitive health information open to these uncontrollable events when there is a solution available to store them securely?

web-based system that eliminates on-site paper records protects against these unforeseen problems. Because the information is collected, stored, and managed online, the security of the information can never be compromised by natural disasters. With account and password protection and military level encryption, the information is secure, and available only to those with a login, and user permissions. Contact one of our sales account executives today to discuss how to incorporate an online SMR (student medical record) into your school’s disaster recovery plan.