Re-enrollment…it’s that time again

Midway through the school year, and we’re already looking to next year. Lots to be done, and re-enrollment is a no small part of that. We deal with re-enrollment each year, and our focus is making that process as simple and painless as possible. There are many moving pieces to track, and information to distribute, then collect and compile, to ensure all students are compliant for the next school year. Often identical forms are completed again and again for the new school year, and other times, forms that don’t apply are sent to students anyway. It’s a headache; one we specialize in mitigating.

Over the years, we’ve learned how to best navigate the process, and have developed a set of best practices you may find helpful. Our best practices center around maximizing efficiency and ensuring compliance while collecting and managing student information. We’ve found that by recognizing the seasonality of information and utilizing smart forms and digital signatures, the process becomes much easier. When done properly, addressing these few items can make the stress and dread of the re-enrollment disappear.

We are conducting a live webinar to go through these best practices, and hopefully ease the pain for schools moving forward. Join us January 24, as our CEO, Chas Scarantino, takes about 30 minutes to explain the best practices, and answer any questions you may have. It’s easy and free, and if it can improve your re-enrollment quality of life, why not join us?