SMR at work

Magnus Health
January 16, 2013
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SMR at work

Improving processes is great. Increasing security is wonderful. Reducing liability is practically a fun house. But until you can put a product in action, promised benefits remain arbitrary. So when Cape Fear Academy (CFA) implemented our SMR(student medical record) for their school health center, Business Officer Shana Barclay set about measuring the tangible and intangible promised outcomes.


Maximized efficiency & reduced liability:

  • Redundant paperwork diminished, including nine versions of a form, reduced to one.
  • Contact and medical information became easily updatable by the parent, easing the burden on school nurses.
  • All forms are streamlined and stored online, eliminating excess paper storage and increasing security.

Improved emergency preparedness:

  • Magnus911 cards provided access to vital information in emergency situations.
  • Emergency features made it obvious to parents “why SMR is more useful, effective, and secure than paper health forms.”

Increased visibility of outstanding requirements:

  • Reporting functions made the task of identifying missing information and ensuring compliance quick and easy tasks.

Lowered costs:

  • Yearly printing and postage costs were significantly lowered as the entire summer mailing was eliminated. Total savings equaled approximately $700 and three days of staff member time. Throughout the year, paper waste was further reduced.

Enhanced communication with parents:

  • Automated weekly reminders, individual, and mass email options reduced the number of follow up phone calls CFA made to parents.

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