Visualize the costs of your school health center

Magnus Health
February 6, 2013
1 Minute Read

Visualize the costs of your school health center

Do you know how much your health center costs? From daily operations, to summer mailings, to time and liability…do you really know? If yes, feel free to close this window now. Roi_Calculator_tile

If no, you’re in luck because we created a health center ROI calculator to help you determine those costs. Once you’ve accessed the calculator, you can enter the number of students at your school, then use the drop down menus to answer the remaining questions. Each time you answer a question, associated costs and their explanations will display. 

The process takes only a few minutes, and when completed, you can visualize the costs pertaining to infrastructure and materials, time expenditures, and liability exposure. You can then adjust your answers and see that taking action can minimize costs in these areas.