It’s Magnus Mobile. You’re gonna love it.

Magnus Health
June 4, 2013
1 Minute Read

It’s Magnus Mobile. You’re gonna love it.

It’s been a long time coming. Okay, fine, a really long time coming. There’s an app for everything, and now there’s an app for us. Introducing, Magnus Mobile!Magnus Mobile

Our goal is to help you ensure the safety and health of each of your students. When a student’s health is in the balance, quick access to current information is essential, and Magnus Mobile provides just that. Leave the emergency health forms behind, and access all vital health information from Magnus Mobile. Fax the necessary information, or allow emergency personnel access to it quickly and easily, from any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.).

With Magnus Mobile, you can:

  • Provide access to vital student health info in emergency & non-emergency situations
  • Fax vital health information to authorized health care providers & emergency personnel
  • Access emergency contact information
  • Call and send notifications to emergency contacts as needed
  • View allergies, medications, and health history details

So, if you’re on a field trip, or at a sporting event, or walking down the hall, or on the playground, or by the pool, or in the cafeteria, or in the classroom, or the health center, or the office, or the bathroom, or on a trip to Timbuktu, student health information follows, and is easily accessible.

I highly suggest you see Magnus Mobile in action, so you too can be at the forefront of student health information management. View Magnus Mobile in action below, and then, Request a demo for more info!

Important to note! The current version of Magnus Mobile is for authorized administrators and school users only. Additional capabilities are forthcoming, but for now, students and parents cannot access Magnus Mobile.