Be our guest blogger, and reach over 4,000 subscribers!

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Be our guest blogger, and reach over 4,000 subscribers!

Much like the kitchen staff in Beauty and the Beast, we’d like you to be our guest! Guest blogger, that is.

Do you have somethGuest bloging to share with the education community? Any helpful tips for nurses, trainers, counselors, and other school or camp staff? Or maybe like these guest authors, you have unique insight and experiences that can help your peers. Here’s your chance! We invite you to write a guest post, or posts, for Magnus Health Insights and reach over 4,000 subscribers. We want to hear from everyone – nurses, trainers, counselors, technology specialists, software vendors, partners, and students too.

A few post guidelines are below. If you can abide by these (and we’re certain you can), submit the included form and we’ll be in touch!

  • Title: Should be short and catchy – 70 characters max.
  • Content: Should be detailed, original, unique, and informative. Posts submitted to Insights cannot be posted on other sites. Explicit sales pitches, and blatantly promotional material are not allowed. The purpose of this blog is to inform. And it doesn’t hurt if posts are entertaining too! See the list of post categories to the right to get an idea of current content, and how your own might fit within Magnus Health Insights.
  • Length: Body of post should be between 400-700 words. Longer posts will be considered, but be aware that readers are easily fatigued.
  • Image: Include a relevant photo, icon, screenshot, etc. to which you have the rights to publish.
  • Links: We recommend that the post include a link back to your own site, preferably a landing page. Links to spam, non-informative, or non-essential entertainment sites are not allowed.
  • Basically, use good, common sense, and we can all get along!

Submit the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon!

*Our editorial staff reserves the right to approve or deny submissions.