Using Magnus911 to aid in campus safety

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July 30, 2013
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Using Magnus911 to aid in campus safety

Protecting students and staff is critical to the mission of any school, college, or university. That’s why safety plans and procedures are in place, and why campus security officials and personnel work constantly to improve those plans. While on campus attacks are certainly attention-grabbing, officials work tirelessly to prepare for other events as well, including natural disasters, epidemics, and individual attacks. It’s important we recognize safety Safety Firstpersonnel, not just for guiding us through horrific events, but also for their efforts, detailed in the US Department of Education Action Guide for Emergency Management at Institutions of Higher Education, spent preventing, mitigating, preparing and responding to emergencies.

Preparing for the possibility of an emergency is a no-brainer. Schools have the same mentality to protect their students, and as we barrel toward the beginning of the 2013-14 school, now is a fine time to consider the less obvious preparations schools and safety officials can make to protect students – collecting vital health information, and delivering it to the point of care.

Just getting through an emergency isn’t enough. It’s important, but it’s not enough. What happens after the threat is over, the storm has passed, and the attacker is silenced? There’s likely a degree of chaos, and in these moments driven by adrenaline and the will to survive, do you have time to think about a student’s vital health information before immediately rushing them to the hospital for treatment? Do you stop to consider what medications they’re on? Or what allergies they have? What about chronic conditions or living wills? It’s seriously doubtful that you have time to run over to the student health center, grab the student’s health file, or perhaps print off their medical file, then rush over to the local emergency room.

This is where the Magnus Health emergency response module, Magnus911, moves the action plan forward. Schools can take advantage of Magnus911, and solve the problem of accessing student medical information in an emergency. Magnus911 means vital health information is available in the most secure, efficient, and easily accessible manner. Emergency responders and emergency room staff have the health essentials in front of them via mobile device, computer, or fax, and can move forward with treatment. Healthcare providers have the benefit of a health history, and with more knowledge, are able to treat the student more effectively.

Magnus911 allows you to take proactive steps to aid in your response and recovery. With Magnus911, you’re empowered to electronically deliver the student’s health information to the point of care, ensuring the best possible care is available to students when they absolutely need it most.

How Magnus911 works

Magnus911 is web-based, and is accessible from any device with an internet connection. With Magnus911, you protect your students and their information. The system automatically assigns a unique 16-digit identifier to each student, and in an emergency, on or off campus, first responders and ER staff can securely access vital health and emergency contact information for a period of 24 hours. From within Magnus911, you can also fax the vital health information to a hospital while the student is in transit, and send alerts and updates to emergency contacts.

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