Magnus Health sponsors charity dodgeball tournament

Magnus Health
August 13, 2013
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Magnus Health sponsors charity dodgeball tournament

RALEIGH, NC (August 13, 2013) – Magnus Health has partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County this year to support its outstanding mission – and to buy them a bus. In addition to volunteering in the day to day club operations, Magnus Health is sponsoring the RDU International Dodgeball Charity Challenge (RDUIDCC) October 5th, with all proceeds going toward purchasing the bus. Boys and Girls Club thumbnail

“We love volunteering with the kids, but we want to make a lasting impact, and we know buying a bus can do that. We’re excited about it, and hopefully we can get the community to rally around that goal too,” said Allen Cobb, Magnus Health COO.

And really, with a tagline like “Dodge balls, give back”, who can say no to the cause? The Magnus team is seeking event and team sponsors, as well as in-kind donations, to support a 64-team tournament. Much like March Madness, the tournament is composed of four brackets, and will be single elimination, resulting in a single RDUIDCC champion. Unlike March Madness, prizes for best uniform, team spirit, and fundraising will be awarded.

Companies from across the Triangle will be participating in the tournament, which will take place in downtown Raleigh. West Martin and South Harrington Streets, near the Magnus Health headquarters, will be shut down, food trucks will be in attendance, and surrounding restaurants will be open for business to fuel the estimated 500 person event.

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