New SMR module: Check In…it’s everything you’ve ever wanted

Man oh man oh man do I have news for you. Check In…It’s alive! Already, school health centers all over the nation, and abroad, are utilizing the long anticipated Check In module, and the perks that come with it.Check in

Imagine you’re caring for one student when 20 others come piling into your office, complaining of this and that. Okay, maybe there aren’t 20, but either way, they need your attention. They’re obviously not in need of urgent care, and you’re in the middle of helping another student, so what do you do? You instruct them to check themselves in, using the Magnus Health Check In module. You don’t have to turn your attention away from the current student. You don’t have to interrupt your already hectic day with extra paperwork. And it’s easy. Win-win-win.

With Check In, you can:

  • Allow students to check into the health office while they wait to be seen
  • Permit students to select why they need attention, ex: headache, cough, flu, etc.
  • Create a queue of students in need of care, track wait times, and automatically create a chart note each time a student is seen
  • Allow single or multiple healthcare providers to accept student visits from the queue
  • View students in queue according to chart template, ex: nurse notes, athletic trainer notes, counselor notes, etc.
  • Utilize touch screen keyboard for touch screen devices

Want to learn more about Check In? Well that’s easy too. Request a Demo today, or if you’re already a customer, contact Client Services.