Students and parents are ready to go digital

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Students and parents are ready to go digital

Even with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, iPhones, Androids, tablets, phablets (I promise that’s a word), iPads, iPad minis, Nooks, Kindles, and all other things technical, social and/or media that infiltrate our daily lives – even with all of that, some still think parents and students might not be ready to take their health information and forms digital.


Well, think again. Not only are they ready, they’re completely and totally capable of the transition – and we’ve been told, they’re grateful when it happens. Because not only are they saving precious time each year by eliminating redundant paperwork, but all health information is in one location, and it’s easy to see the value in that. Creating a single home for all the health information students will need from one school to the next, to camp, to college, to graduate school, to the workplace, or in emergencies, means they’re better prepared, and can avoid such a repetitive hassle.

A parent from Trinity-Pawling Schol told us, “I really do love having it all in one place as well as the checklist and the reminders. I think all schools should use this — and I wouldn’t mind using this for other forms requested.”

And a Montrose School parent didn’t seem to mind either, saying, “This is my first time to fill out all the medical forms online, and it was so much easier and less time involved. Thank you!”

Students are on board too. In the words of a student at University of Texas – Arlington, “This was very quick and easy and pain free!! Thank Goodness!!!”

And yet another student, this one from University of Houston-Downtown, said, “This website tool is very helpful in keeping records of important health documents all in one place, especially if you’ve attended more than one school. Thank you!”

Not convinced your parents and students are ready? Take a look at these numbers.

  • 700,000+ – Number of Magnus users with their health information online
  • 2,218,952 – Number of records stored in SMR
  • 79% – Percentage of records uploaded to SMR by the parent/student, without help from Magnus
  • 21% – Percentage of records faxed and/or mailed to Magnus for upload

The stats don’t lie. It’s evident that the overwhelming majority of parents and students elect to upload their information to their SMR account themselves, without ever requiring Magnus assistance. Because they’re comfortable with the technology. Because it’s faster. Because it’s simple. And because they’re ready.

Don’t underestimate your parents and students, or their ability to go digital. It’s a part of our everyday lives, and increasingly so. There’s no reason not to streamline health information using a medium nearly everyone is comfortable with, and capable of using. As every parent eventually must do, just let go, and trust that they’re ready to embrace a new process. We’re here to make that transition easy, and together we can all move forward.

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