Upcoming webinar: Keeping campers safe

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September 17, 2013
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Upcoming webinar: Keeping campers safe

Keeping campers safe – not only is it a part of every camp’s mission, it’s a necessity. I wrote previously on preparing for injuries and allergies in an effort to protect campers. But another aspect of keeping campers safe is administering medication if and when needed. But with an increasing number of medications and complexity of needs among camp populations, the entire process is becoming more complicated. Medications include prescriptions as well as over the counter drugs, so how do camp nurses and health staff keep campers safe with so many campers, medications, variables, and specific administration requirements?camp medication

I had the same question, so I called on Nurse Alice Kimble. As a camp nurse, she has the knowledge and experience to provide insight on keeping campers safe, and to discuss the changes over the years that have added to the complexity of medications and administration.

Nurse Alice will join us October 2nd to discuss her experiences while covering the following topics.

  • Collecting quality, thorough information before the start of camp – health staff must avoid being blind-sided
  • Knowing the camp population and needs – 75% of the campers Nurse Alice sees require morning medications, others require injections, growth hormones, etc.
  • Confirming and documenting medication labels, quantities, instructions, etc. – organization is essential

Register now, and join us for the 30 minute webinar October 2nd at 1:00 EDT. Until then, you may find the following resources helpful:

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