The Magnus Health Why

Magnus Health
September 19, 2013
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The Magnus Health Why

When we meet new people, one of the first questions that arises is, “What do you do?” What. What. What. Where and with whom often come up as well. But the frequently ignored question is, “Why?” Why do we go to work each day? Why do we work at a certain company? Why that job? Why with those people? Why did we make those choices? 


For some, it’s money, hours, benefits, necessity, or passion. For Magnus employees, it’s because we believe in better care. As a company with three employees six years ago, and 40 employees today, we’re growing, and we decided it was important to come together and decide why we’re all here. Magnus isn’t a stepping stone to better things, or a filler job – Magnus is a home, a family, a place where employees care about one another, a place where employees stay for years, and a place where passion is essential. So why did we all end up at this type of company?

The “Why” conversation started at the top.

Chas Scarantino, CEO: I wanted to be a part of something bigger than I could do myself that solved a problem that could change the care of every individual. I wanted to also create a work place where people loved to work, help those people achieve more then they gave themselves credit for being able to achieve, and motivate them by recognizing their success.

Allen Cobb, COO: Because I arrive every morning with a passion and desire to create change by listening, taking ownership, being proactive and knowing everything can be done better. I believe in something much larger than myself. A belief that runs so deep, I would ask another question. Why not?

Scott Pollak, CTO: I believe in solving a real need. I believe in questioning everything. I believe in caring for people and developing them to their full potential.

Chas, Allen, and Scott talked about their individual Whys together, and then asked the other 37 of us to state our Why. After meeting in groups and discussing personal Whys, we came up with group Whys. Those group Whys were then narrowed down to encompass the essence of all 40 of us. And that’s how we arrived at “We believe in better care.”

We’re all different people. We came to Magnus from different backgrounds, with different goals, with different passions and interests, but we unite around this common focus. We are 40 distinct individuals, with personalities that run the gamut, but we are one in our mission. Everything each of us does each day is because we believe in better care. We work with the express purpose of helping our customers and potential customers solve problems that allow them to provide better care. We provide emergency response tools to facilitate better care. We free up time and money to be redirected toward better care. We ensure thorough information collection is available, enabling better care.

We believe in better care; therefore everything we do, is in an effort to empower others to provide better care. That’s why Magnus Health exists. And that’s why we work here.

Want more info on our Why? Check out this post by our CEO, Chas Scarantino.