How to chart student visits with multiple school nurses

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February 6, 2015
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How to chart student visits with multiple school nurses

The structure of each school’s health center varies quite a bit. Some schools share a nurse with neighboring schools, while others may have three nurses regularly on staff. (Curious what the trends are? You can see them in the Annual Report of Independent School Health Services.) 

nurse_team_smaller_croppedWhichever your school’s situation may be, keeping student health information secure is a priority when multiple staff members need access to the information. Plus, knowing which nurse or counselor charted a student visit is necessary for maintaining visibility within your health center. It may sound difficult to maintain this level of security and visibility, but the steps below are truly simple. Follow them, and you’ll be on your way to charting student visits with multiple school nurses.

Step 1: Create a login for each user.

Users could be football coaches, nurses, sub nurses, counselors, or any other school staff members that need visibility over student health information and documents. For the purpose of this article, let’s talk about school nurses. Even if three school nurses share one computer, each Magnus user should have an individualized username and password. It’s a best practice that we encourage all schools to use.

These are some of the benefits of creating unique logins for each school user:

  • Visibility over which user created a treatment note on a student
  • Added protection of confidential health information
  • Added level of security if/when a user leaves a school

Step 2: Set unique permissions.

As you are creating a new user, that person should only have the necessary permissions to perform their job. With Magnus, you have the option to add a new user as an Admin, or as a User. Admins will be able to use all applications (including the Admin Dashboard, which is where account and user settings can be edited), while Users can have access to all, or some, applications (except the Admin Dashboard) dependent upon the permissions you set. When setting permissions, consider how each user will be using the software.


Permissions within Magnus include the ones listed below, plus many more. 

As a part of keeping student health information secure, we’re aware that school users have different needs. For example, a substitute nurse may need access to Magnus911 in case an emergency occurs. At the same time, that nurse may not need permissions to review/enter immunization details. That’s why you have the option to select specific permissions that are unique to each person. But don’t worry, you can adjust permissions if a user’s role at the school ever changes.

Step 3: Archive users as needed.

Whether your school’s nursing staff changes each year, or if a nurse no longer works at the school, archiving users is the solution to keeping information safe. After a staff member leaves the school, you can archive a user in the Magnus system. This removes their ability to log into the system, and to view/edit student information. Just be careful! Archiving a user is a permanent action (for security’s sake), and cannot be undone.

With the three simple steps outlined above, you can help keep sensitive student health information secure at your school, while creating a streamlined process for each of your school nurses and staff members.