EduTalk Radio Series: Records & Accessibility

Magnus Health
November 26, 2013
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EduTalk Radio Series: Records & Accessibility

Questions are essential in life. Who, what, when, where, how, and why can lead to a new discovery, new information, or even a better quality of life. For us at Magnus, asking “why” is at the core our motives. Why do we do what we do? Because we believe in better care. We believe in keeping students safe and healthy.

Chas_ScarantinoLarry Jacobs from EduTalk Radio discusses Magnus Health, student healthcare, and how records stay safe and accessible with his guests, Dr. Adrianna Bravo, Medical Director at Episcopal High School (a Magnus client) in Alexandria, VA, and Chas Scarantino, CEO of Magnus Health.

The first question yet again begins with “why.” Why Magnus Health? As Scarantino discusses, a school can manage all health and medical information in one place, while keeping it secure. Magnus gets rid of the binders, the paperwork, and the extra administrative duties so that school healthcare staff can focus on the students.

Beyond getting rid of administrative headaches, Magnus works for the student. Scarantino notes that 23% of the students in Magnus’ system report at least one allergy and another five percent have asthma, which means that school nurses need to be aware and ready to handle any complications that may arise. Magnus makes responding to emergencies and notifying parents quick and easy, with all of the student’s health information located in one place.

But we all know there are other stakeholders when it comes to student health. Dr. Bravo recognizes the administration, teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and the institution itself as all being involved. As Dr. Bravo puts it, “When you’re starting to think about all of those stakeholders, the communication platform that you use to maintain effective and meaningful communication, and protected communication, becomes pretty critical.”

Magnus makes communication easy by allowing schools to set different permissions so that student information remains safe, yet authorized parties can view the select information that they need to perform their job. For example, a school counselor and an athletic trainer don’t need the same health information, and will therefore have different authorizations.

So why now? Scarantino and Dr. Bravo both know that student needs have evolved and become more complex in the last five to 10 years. This means that health staff needs to be able to work efficiently to keep up with student needs, and Magnus provides this efficiency and ease.


To learn more about Magnus Health and Dr. Bravo’s experience in her own school, listen to the archived version of this show on EduTalk Radio. To learn more about Magnus Health and what it can do for your school, visit our website or talk to our sales team.