February wrap-up

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February 27, 2015
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February wrap-up

Ah, February. Sandwiched between holidays and springtime, it can be a bit dreary. But we’ve been keeping ourselves busy and creating our own cheer by pushing out new software updates, recording client training videos, and hosting guest expert webinars. And if that wasn’t enough, we also found time to relax and celebrate Valentine’s day with each other by bringing in heart-healthy snacks named after famous couples (Elvis and Priscilla’s peanut butter and banana graham crackers was a personal favorite). We had fun during February, and we sure hope you did, too.

At a Glance

At Magnus HQ

Snow daze


We spent most of February watching northern states get pummeled with snow, as we counted our blessings for Raleigh’s warmer climate. But, we must have jinxed ourselves because we did get snow – and ice. Our area saw thousands without power, and dangerously slick roads. Magnus HQ survived unscathed, and we’re happy to be back full force!



Mobile App update

It’s no secret that we love Magnus Mobile, and it’s often difficult for the Magnus software engineers to hide their excitment when talking about the app. So what happens when we release even more functionality to Magnus Mobile? Well, let’s just say there are a lot of happy engineers here. The app update is now available for iOS and Android devices, and includes visibility over 911 documents, clinic alerts, healthcare providers, insurance, medical history, OTC medications, and additional information.

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Client Features

Hebron Academy

HALogo100Continuing our series of Client Success Stories, we focused on Hebron Academy and how their Student Health Center Director, Cheryl Tardif, is collecting student health information more easily with Magnus SMR. Prior to using Magnus, student health records were distributed via mail, and school nurses crossed their fingers that information would be returned prior to registration day.

If student forms were missing or unreturned, three school nurses had to spend their time making follow-up phone calls to parents. In fact, Tardiff tallied all the administrative time school nurses spent tracking down forms before the first day of school. The total: a whopping 270 hours. Now, Tardiff now happily reports a 90% compliance of completed student records in the first week of school, and is using automated email reminders to save time and continually stay in touch with parents.

“Certainly time and money are both being saved. However, it is the ease of use for parents, nurses, and the fact that it is HIPAA protected that I love most,” Tardif said about SMR.

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Portsmouth_abbeyPortsmouth Abbey School

Emergencies and natural disasters are events that we all prepare for, and hope never happen. When Portsmouth Abbey School originally switched from paper filing to Magnus SMR, emergency preparation wasn’t the driving decision-maker. Instead, Pam Gorman, Director of Health Services, was looking for a new system to better manage stricter state requirements and increasing student health conditions.

But in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy approached, Gorman was prepared with Magnus. Using the “Print All Requirements” feature and Magnus911 cards, Portsmouth Abbey nurses were able to pull pertinent student information in case of a power outage.

“It took us about five to 10 minutes to get all the files we needed. We downloaded everything and managed to get through Sandy…I was afraid that with online medical records, we would have our first serious problem. But we didn’t, and everything worked out fine,” Gorman said. 

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Hot Topics

Working smarter, not harder

If I had a nickel for every time Magnus Health’s Chief Product Officer, Allen Cobb, used the phrase “work smarter, not harder,” I’d probably have enough money for a pack of gum. It’s a favorite phrase around here, because it’s a philosophy that we live by. We like to find ways to save time, without jeopardizing quality. That’s why we now have a blog category for articles that can help you work smarter, not harder. This month’s articles included tips to chart student visits with multiple school nurses.

Sport-related Concussions

In the first installment of our guest expert webinar series, Missy Fraser, MS, ATC, joined us from the Matthew A. Gfeller Sport-Related TBI Research Center to discuss new research on Traumatic Brain Injuries. Fraser gave advice on concussion recognition, treatment, and athlete recovery, so that school nurses and athletic trainers can be better prepared to care for student athletes. You can catch up on everything we learned by watching the webinar recording.