The Finalsite – Magnus Health software integration

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November 13, 2014
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The Finalsite – Magnus Health software integration

finalsite_logo_and_magnus_gearThere’s been quite a bit of talk about our independent school software integrations lately, and for good reason. As more schools look to reduce their carbon footprint and increase data security, it only makes sense to take student health information paperless. And the whole processes is even easier when your school’s Student Information System and/or website works together with your school’s Student Medical Record software.

Why? Because if a school is a mutual client with one of our six integration partners (including Finalsite), updating parent and student information into the Magnus system is nearly, if not completely, automated. And in the case of mutual Finalsite and Magnus Health clients, we’ve partnered to offer a single sign-on (SSO) integration, along with account provisioning to allow for data synchronization.

How it works

Although the idea of a single-sign on may seem simple, its benefits are endless. A single sign-on means that when parents log into Finalsite, they will then be able to access their Magnus Health account without any extra usernames or passwords. All they need to do is click on the Magnus Health link from within Finalsite, and voila! Their Magnus Health account will open in a new window, keeping their Finalsite session active, too.

This process is a huge relief to parents, especially in a world where everyone has at least 15-20 different usernames to remember. But parents aren’t the only ones who benefit from a single sign-on. On the school’s side, a single sign-on offers less password-related questions to the IT department. It also offers relief knowing that student names, parent email addresses, and other vital information are kept up-to-date in Magnus via daily API calls.



Just like our other software integrations that offer single sign-on capabilities and account provisioning, our Finalsite integration uses secure API protocols to transfer data from Finalsite to Magnus.

Getting started

This whole integration idea sounds pretty helpful, right? Well, if you’re a mutual Finalsite and Magnus Health client, then getting started won’t take long at all. Simply get in touch with Finalsite at 800-592-2469 or to request the integration add-on. An SSO link can then be placed on any secure login location, allowing parent access to SMR without creating a new username. 

For more detail about the integration or to talk to us about integrating your Finalsite school with Magnus Health, visit our Finalsite integration page and join us for a live FInalsite integration webinar on Wednesday, November 19th!