100% health form compliance for pre-season athletics

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March 24, 2015
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100% health form compliance for pre-season athletics

SMS-logo-blue-1-300x44Client Profile 
  • Name: Stacy Finley
  • Job Title: Nurse & Director of Binder Health Center
  • School: Saint Mary’s School
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Type: Grade 9-12, Private Boarding & Day School for Girls
  • Size: 250 students
  • Website: www.sms.edu

7462_10151839129577029_1694009627_nThe nurses at Saint Mary’s School spent countless hours collecting, reviewing, and tracking the required documentation for nearly 250 students. Seven forms per student meant 1,750 forms had to be manually tracked using a spreadsheet, and hundreds of reminder phone calls had to be made.

While some students arrived early for pre-season athletics with all required documents in hand, some others did not have all of their information completed and were trying to move into student housing. This forced school staff members to scramble to complete forms, contact families, and occasionally take students to doctor’s appointments.

“We needed an easy system that allowed for better tracking of what had been returned and what was still outstanding,” said Jessica Sepke, former Director of Technology and Communications.

“We liked the reduction in labor for our two nurses in chasing information” said Sepke. With the high volume of documents submitted each year, Magnus Health’s SMR was an easy and affordable option to solve Saint Mary’s annual summer hassle.

“Now the forms go to only one place,” said Finley, adding, “[SMR] has made it easier for the health center to track missing information quickly and run more efficiently.” Finley also noted that the majority of the forms can be completed in year one, then never resubmitted again because of digital authorization; thereby, making the transition to a web-based system even easier.

With SMR in place, “100% of all student records for pre-season athletics were submitted and 99% of all student charts were completed by registration day. Before Magnus, charts were not completed until November,” said Finley.

In addition, “It’s easy to pull information quickly for emergencies, day-to-day needs, and doctor’s appointments, and we love the support we get from Magnus,” said Sepke.

Saint Mary’s School now enjoys 100% health form compliance and easy access to student health information in a single location using Magnus Health SMR. According to Sepke, “SMR is a great investment. You can be sure that you can get the health information you need, store it securely, and access it quickly.”


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