Implementing SMR: What to expect

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February 18, 2014
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Implementing SMR: What to expect

What do I need to do to prepare? Who should be involved in the implementation? What will my parents see? What’s my job in the process? What’s Magnus’ job? How long will it take? When should I implement? How do I roll this out to parents? 

Don’t worry. We know you have a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer each and every one. 

“SMR always introduces change for a health center, and the whole school, really. That’s why we want to provide a consultative approach, where we can really dig into why information is collected, audit the forms, and truly streamline the whole process so redundancies are eliminated and the experience for parents and schools is improved,” said Aketa Emptage, Director of Client Services. Implementation_Specialists2

Our Client Services team ensures you have a support system every step of the way, from the moment you join the Magnus family, throughout our partnership. Your committment to students doesn’t waiver, nor does our committment to you. We understand the headache and burden of health forms, and our goals are to rid you of those challenges, and help you easily acclimate to SMR with the support of our Client Services team.

Let’s start (and end, for now) with the biggest question. What is the implementation process like? It’s my pleasure to outline those steps for you below. 

  1. Build a Magnus task force at your school. This is the group of school staff members who will benefit most from using Magnus. This group, and communication within this group, are the most important components to a successful (and quick) implementation.

  2. Your dedicated Client Experience Manager will contact you immediately after your contract is signed, and will provide you with next steps and schedule a kick-off call.

  3. Your Magnus task force will participate in a kickoff call. During this call, we’ll show you exactly what parents will experience, and emphasize the security features that protect the information, giving you and parents peace of mind.

  4. You must sign off on your account set up before it goes live.

  5. Begin creating parent/student accounts. Not to worry, we’ll tell you how. There are various options that make this step quite easy.

  6. Review your account again and make any final changes.

  7. Introduce the concept of online health record management to your parents. We’ll provide you with sample templates for this step.

It’s a process that requires your cooperation and communication, absolutely. But, it’s a process that with open lines of communication, is simple. If you don’t believe me (I won’t take it personally), just ask our customers.

As Sharon Owen, nurse at The Gunnery, noted, the implementation process was “well organized from start to finish…Every school has such different rules, policies, and problems that arise. I am shocked and amazed at how quickly Magnus was able to help me think of possible scenarios to customize the account for our individual needs.”

Sidwell’s Health Care Coordinator, Jasmin Whitfield, found “the resources provided by Magnus to be extremely helpful in developing uniform health forms and action plans.”

See, I told you we’re a helpful bunch here at Magnus. We want what you want – to provide better care to students. And we’re going to do everything we can to help you do exactly that.

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