Introducing the Magnus Health + SportsWare Partnership

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Introducing the Magnus Health + SportsWare Partnership

Introducing our newest partnership… SportsWare! SportsWare is the on-the-go tool for schools to record, manage, and report athletic injuries and training room treatment notes. High school, college, and professional Athletic Trainers are managing millions of Athletes in SportsWareOnLine. And, where there is online availability, there is mobile availability… so SportsWare provides trainers, coaches, and nurses instant access to vital treatment information and up-to-date eligibility reports.

About SportsWare:
SportsWare was first released in 1992 as a DOS application. Remember when we used to insert CDs and floppy disks into the computer to download files? Wow, how times have changed! Almost two decades later, SportsWareOnLine was introduced in 2010.

Now used by over 1,500 organizations, SportsWare is the leading injury tracking solution for athletic trainers. SportsWare currently manages the data on over 3 million student-athletes and over 5 million injuries.

How Magnus and SportsWare Work Together:
Having access to both Magnus and SportsWare means that Athletic staff has access to a whole new set of robust features.

View students’ names, injuries, and statuses using the Athletic Training Dashboard.

  • View students’ names, injuries, and statuses using the Athletic Training Dashboard. 
  • Set up Quick Treatments and SOAP Notes to document and track your student-athlete health while on the go. 
  • Access a massive treatment video library.
  • Run over 130 standards reports, including Travel reports, Coach’s Reports, Referral Summary reports, and Injury Statistics with graphs. 
  • Utilize a robust concussion assessment module. 

And, the best part about the two systems now working together is the streamlined communication for all authorized school staff who “need-to-know” details about student-athlete health in real-time!

Check out our recent Magnus – SportsWare Partnership Webinar to learn more.