January wrap-up

Magnus Health
January 30, 2015
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January wrap-up

It’s been a busy month here at Magnus HQ. We’ve been hosting webinars, showcasing client success stories, chatting about K-12 technology, and even spending a few spare moments volunteering in our community. There’s a good chance you may not have caught it all as it happened, which is why we’ve got a quick January recap below. Let’s get to it!

At a Glance

  • Magnus Health SMR reached more than 1.1 million users
  • Allen Cobb, Chief Product Officer of Magnus Health, was selected as a presenter for the NBOA 2015 Annual Meeting in February.
  • We launched the first full month of client training classes.
  • Chas Scarantino, CEO of Magnus Health, joined SchoolMessenger for a webinar about student health emergencies and hosted another on re-enrollment best practices.

At Magnus HQ

MLK Day of Service

MLK_day_of_service-113087-editedWe like volunteering, and we love our community. That’s why we made a trip to a local educational community garden to participate in the United Way’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service! During our trip, we took part in a three year garden redesign project. We shoveled dirt, moved piles of clay, and learned that we’re not exactly the outdoors type.


Employee spotlight

Say hello to John, the Quality Assurance Manager here at Magnus Health. We got a peek into what makes him tick, how he successfully does his job, and why on earth he hates spiders so much. You can read the whole feature here.


Client Features

The Cheshire Academy

DebBondHeadShotDebra Bond, Student Health Center Director at The Cheshire Academy, gave us a glimpse at how Magnus SMR helps manage immunizations for their large international population (which is 40% of the entire student population). The challenge was getting information from the international population because of mail deliverability and language barriers.

Since moving to Magnus, not only has the registration process improved, but other procedures have changed for The Cheshire Academy as well. “Magnus really improved the registration process, both for domestic and international students.”

Read the full story to see just how The Cheshire Academy simplified their processes for international students. 

image1-1The Westminster School

We also got to know Ashley McCauley, Director of Health and Wellness at The Westminster School. Ashley shared her story of how Westminster went from a manual process to a streamlined system, sans binders. 

“Student rosters and pertinent health information were entered manually in the current system. It was very time consuming and required individual review, filing and input of data. We were copying forms and creating binders for trips frequently,” explained Ashley.

Now, Westminster enjoys ease of access to health information and less paperwork. Read the full story to find out how Westminster implemented and improved processes with Magnus.

Hot Topics


We covered all sorts of topics relating to educational technology this month. One of the most popular subjects right now is using e-learning days as a substitute for snow days. But is e-learning right for your school? See for yourself by taking a look at the benefits and challenges of implementing e-learning at K-12 schools.


Our fearless leader, CEO, and all-around wealth of knowledge, Chas Scarantino, hosted one of our most popular webinars of the year, “Best Practices for Re-enrollment.” With double the audience compared to last year’s re-enrollment webinar, we know that K-12 private and independent schools are increasingly looking for tips and tricks to help make re-enrollment easier.

Fear not, because that’s exactly what Chas’ webinar covers! And better yet, the recording is now available. You can catch up on how to reduce re-enrollment forms and how to use electronic signatures from the comfort of your couch.