Magnus 911 Enhancements [Updated feature]

Magnus Health
March 27, 2015
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Magnus 911 Enhancements [Updated feature]

The first time I sent my son to preschool, I probably overdid it. On Sundays, I made sure his little shirts and shorts were ironed for the entire week. I made Star Wars labels for all his clothes with his name and phone number. I packed cute sandwiches without the crust and left adorable post it notes inside his lunchbox even though he couldn’t read yet. And I knew his exact schedule down to the minute. That lasted about a year. Let’s just say that he can read very well now and writes me reminder notes for my lunchbox instead. But I still know his schedule not just because I’m his mom, but also because I’m one of those people who likes the details. Give me the “who, what, where, when, and why” and I’m a happy camper. These next Magnus enhancements are for all you detail lovers.

Magnus911 has many great capabilities. Not only can you access a student’s medical information in a secure way, but you can also know exactly when any student’s number at your school has been activated. The 911 alert emails are a great way to be informed about the students at your school. When you choose to receive these notifications, you receive an email alert every time a student’s card is activated. We heard from several of our schools that they love knowing which students have had their 911 number accessed, but they wanted more details.

magnus911enhancementscreenshotSo, we made a few small changes to the Magnus911 home page. We now include not only the name of the student whose card was activated but also the type of individual who activated this card. When logging in to Magnus911, we now request that users identify themselves from a list of choices: Healthcare or Medical Professional, a School Administrator or Health Staff, a Parent/Guardian of account holder, the actual card holder, or other.

This new information will be included in the alert email sent to the school. We found that only providing the name of the student in the email can lead to additional questions. Now a school can easily see in their 911 alert email if a school health staff member or parent activated the student’s card.

For parents/guardians and other EMS contacts receiving emergency notifications, we also changed the wording on Magnus911 Step 3 from “location” to “send a message.” We felt this better communicates exactly what this field does. The new example listed (John Smith was taken to ABC hospital by Coach Jones. Please contact Coach Jones at xxx-xxx-xxxx.) prompts the person activating this card number to send a detailed message to emergency contacts. We increased the character limit so “Coach Jones” can send a more detailed message if needed.


I appreciate the need for more details about a student’s care both in communication to the school and communication to the parents, guardians and other important individuals who make up that student’s safety net. While I’d love to be packing each student’s lunch with a happy note inside and making sure their shirts have cute ID labels, I’ll continue to listen and improve our software so that you can provide better care.