Magnus Health help sessions for parents

Magnus Health
June 16, 2015
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Magnus Health help sessions for parents

Let me be honest with you, if you’re new to Magnus, or if your students’ parents are new to Magnus, they’re going to have questions about how to enter their child’s health information into the system. I cannot think this is brand new information to anyone. We’ve heard from many schools that the way to answer those questions, and to encourage parents to go ahead and enter the required data, is to hold a Magnus event for parents.

In most cases, these types of events take place in the school computer lab, or parents bring their own laptops, and the school health staff is on hand to answer questions and assist parents in entering the data. All you need is a time, place, staff, and parents. Those things are easy enough to accommodate for a game or PTA meeting, right? Okay, maybe not easy, but they’re certainly doable.admin_Task_force_-_implementation_pic_small

If you jump on the Magnus parent event bandwagon, just be sure to tell parents to bring any health forms or immunizations that need to be uploaded or entered, as well as their parent login to a student information system, if you have one that is integrated with Magnus.

Approaching Magnus this way with parents will ease their minds about the process and show them just how simple it is to complete their information. Plus, you can avoid anyone saying “I don’t have a scanner. I don’t have a fax machine. I don’t have a computer. etc.” You know who those parents are, and if you’re proactive in providing them the opportunity to easily and quickly complete the information with you on hand, the process goes quite smoothly.

It’s all pretty simple to do, and as always, if parents can’t attend, or they still have lingering questions after the fact, we’re here to serve. For any difficulty navigating the Magnus Health system, entering data online, or downloading the hardcopy cover sheets and forms, please direct parents to contact our help desk by phone at (877) 461-6831 or by email at

Want to learn more about the parent experience? Join us this July 29-31 at ISHC!