Magnus Health, Veracross integration

Magnus Health
April 17, 2015
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Magnus Health, Veracross integration

Every spring I feel the need to do a complete technology purge. The constant ding of texts, emails and app updates can become overwhelming. I dream of running away to a remote state park campground where there’s no electricity, computers, phones or traffic. But then my high-maintenance side kicks in and says, “Hello? What about your espresso maker, iPod and the modern miracle called toaster pastries? What about the bugs?!” I am simply not cut out for camping. Technology means different things to different people but it’s main purpose is to make our lives easier. I love easy. (See aforementioned toaster pastries.) That’s one of the reasons I’m happy to announce the new Magnus Health single-sign-on integration with Veracross.

Green_VC_Header_high_resFor Parents

The Veracross SSO integration makes the parent’s experience with Magnus even easier. With the integration, parents only need their Veracross username and password. A separate Magnus username and password is no longer needed. We authenticate parents when they login. One less thing for parents to remember. It’s that simple.

For Schools

For schools, we make adding new students and parents a breeze with account creation on login and nightly data syncing. We create accounts for any new parents and students and sync data for existing accounts anytime parents login to their Magnus account. Accounts are also synced overnight so the school has up-to-date parent and student demographic information between Veracross and Magnus data.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our existing integrations and build new ones to improve the user experience for our parents and our schools. All our lives are complicated and busy. So when we can give parents back an extra fifteen minutes that they might have spent searching for an additional Magnus username and password or re-entering data, it’s a win for everyone. I suggest they spend that extra fifteen minutes on a mini-tech break, but as our engineers will tell you, sometimes playing retro video games and eating toaster pastries is almost much fun as a beach vacation. Ms. Pac-man anyone?

Getting Started

It’s really quite easy for our customers…just tell us you want to take advantage of the integration and we’ll help you get everything set up just right. If you’re not a customer yet, well there’s just one little thing you should do first, and then we’ll help you get everything set up just right.

About Veracross

First introduced in 2003, Veracross is one of the leading School Information Management Systems available today and is used by independent schools around the world.

The company’s focus on long term client relationships, engineering excellence, and industry leading client support and services has served the company and its customers well.  Veracross and its relationship with the schools that use it is based on solid core values that have guided its business practices for over 30 years.