March wrap-up

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March 30, 2015
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March wrap-up

Welcome back! As we all get back into the swing of things after Spring Break, let’s take a minute to bask in the awesomeness that was March. We saw dabbles of warm weather, released exciting software updates (have you seen the student photo feature?), and behind the scenes, we’re still busy coordinating the 2014-2015 Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services. Let’s dive in!

At a Glance

  • 29 Magnus employees bowled their hearts out during our Spring Teambuilding Day.
  • We celebrated Pi Day with real, delicious pie and a surprise math test (yikes!).
  • Guest presenter Karen Gregory joined us for her second guest webinar, HIPAA and FERPA in a School Setting.

At Magnus HQ


Humor and excitement

This month, we let our hair down (so to speak) and embraced our funny bones. We released the world’s first edition of Magnus World News, and came together as a staff for Teambuilding Day. The newscast was a chance for us to share exciting software updates, while having a bit of fun with it, too. It’s co-anchored by the very same people who are instrumental to planning and launching software updates: John Krahnert and Trish LaPaglia. Who would’ve known they had a humorous side, too?

As for Teambuilding Day, we might still be recovering from the adrenaline rush. You see, twice per year, the entire Magnus staff gets together for teambuilding. We team up with coworkers from other departments, and battle through ridiculous games for the ultimate prize: Pride (and maybe a free pizza or two). In the past we’ve completed scavenger hunts, played lazer tag, and re-created The Price is Right. But this year, it was all about bowling. 

Strikes, spares, pins scattering, balls rolling down the lanes, teammates cheering – oh my, what a thrill. We even went one step further and wore team costumes (because they’re more aerodynamic, right?). Put all of that together, and you get one full afternoon of company bonding and ample laughter – both of which everyone needs.

Software updates

We may have spent an afternoon teambuilding, but don’t worry, we’re still dedicating our time and effort to bringing you the best product possible. As you saw in the first edition of Magnus World News, Magnus Mobile received thrilling updates this month. Now, school staff members can view clinic alerts, 911 documents, insurance, medical history, and more emergency data – all from the Mobile app.

Learn more about the Magnus Mobile update »

Along with the updates to Magnus Mobile, Magnus911 is even easier to use, and provides more information to schools when it is activated. 

Learn more about the Magnus911 update »

Rounding out the software updates this month is a new user flow for parents. Now, when parents log in to complete their student’s health forms and other online paperwork, parents can easily view and print forms that need a physician’s signature. And even better, the entire form upload/submission process is more simple.

Learn more about the parent updates »

Client Feature

Saint Mary’s School


Just down the road from Magnus HQ sits Saint Mary’s, a picturesque all-girls boarding and day school. When Saint Mary’s first started to use Magnus SMR, some students would arrive on campus for pre-season athletics without all of their student health forms completed. This forced school staff members to scramble to complete forms and contact families.

Since implementing SMR, things have been looking up. “Now the forms go to only one place,” said Stacy Finley, Nurse and Director of Binder Health Center. Finley added, “[SMR] has made it easier for the health center to track missing information quickly and run more efficiently.” Finley also noted that the majority of the forms can be completed in year one, then never resubmitted again because of digital authorization.

With SMR in place, “100% of all student records for pre-season athletics were submitted and 99% of all student charts were completed by registration day. Before Magnus, charts were not completed until November,” said Finley.

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Hot Topics

Automated email reminders

Email reminders are essential to parent communication. In Magnus, you can choose how you’d like to set up your email reminders: How often they’re sent, to whom they’re sent, and what they say. View this quick email reminder overview to see all of your setup options.


Privacy and security are topics that will never cease to be important to us, or to schools. Since school staff members deal with sensitive student health information, it’s important to be up-to-date on privacy laws and how they affect your school and the way it handles student information. That’s why we focused on HIPAA and FERPA as part of our guest expert webinar series. You can catch up on all of the information by watching the “HIPAA and FERPA in a School Setting” webinar recording.