March is National Athletic Training Month

Magnus Health
March 27, 2019
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March is National Athletic Training Month

bigstock-Male-High-School-Basketball-Te-66904900-1Happy National Athletic Training Month! At Magnus, we recognize and appreciate each and every Athletic Trainer and the many hats that they wear. They provide all aspects of care, from recognizing symptoms of an injury to the injury prevention. This year’s National Athletic Training Month’s slogan (per NATA) is “ATs Are Health Care,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Athletic Trainers Are First Responders
Athletic Trainers are first responders and many are trained in emergency health care management. When minutes matter, our ATs are there! They start the healing process on-site for an injury, help identify what happened, and what the athlete needs to do right then and there to stabilize the injury. They advise whether the student can continue to participate in the physical activity or if they need to be seen by a doctor or even go to the hospital. ATs work tirelessly to be there for their student-athletes and support them throughout their season.

Athletic Trainers Are Health Care Providers
Athletic Trainers understand the body’s healing process and implement treatment plans in order to get student-athletes to recover and to return to their sport faster. They help with the entire rehabilitation process eventually getting the athlete back to full health, while working on injury prevention plans.

Students of every age rely on and trust in their ATs when they are preparing for sports practices or games. Our ATs keep them safe, and that is what matters most!