May wrap-up

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May 29, 2015
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May wrap-up

May came along and just as quickly, it’s nearly completely gone. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month.

At a Glance

At Magnus HQ

Announcing 2015 ISHC speakers


We happily announced keynote speakers Miguel Marshall M.A., Ed.D., April Chew MS, RN, and Mona Shattell PhD, RN, FAAN have joined the 2015 ISHC lineup! All three speakers will be discussing their own unique research that impacts school health professionals everywhere.

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Software updates

SMR updates are always in the works and this month is no different. This month we released SMR user login enhancements and a multiple file upload function for school administrators.

Client Feature

Oak Ridge Military Academy


Trent Inman takes on a parental role for the Oak Ridge cadets. He lives on campus and when a cadet is sick in the middle of the night, Inman is up with them. When a student needs to see a doctor, dentist, or any type of healthcare provider, Inman takes them to their appointment. That type of relationship comes with great rewards – being able to learn a cadet’s strengths, weaknesses, and witness first hand their growth into adults. It also means that because Inman is in a non-hospital or physician’s office environment, he takes extra steps to ensure he, his nursing license, and the school are protected. Inman narrowed those efforts down to five key items…

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Hot Topics

School emergency teams and supplies

How many, and what types of teams should be in a school’s emergency plan? Well, as with so many things, the answer varies because every school population and community is a bit different. However, Chris Joffe of Joffe Emergency Services outlined a list of seven teams that every school should have in place

Going green at your school

Students hold the key to the future of our environment, and schools hold the key to student education and awareness. Not to mention, schools use a lot of resources! From printing off hundreds of test papers to using energy to light up a whole gymnasium (or two), there are several ways for schools to educate students on environmentally-friendly habits, and to implement a few habits on the school-level, too. Check out these five simple steps to going green.

New exercise options for students

Compared to students in past decades, today’s children have less strength and balance and underdeveloped motor skills, so these new opportunities are very important. NBOA addresses this problem in the May/June 2015 issue, in an article, “Exercising Their Options”. Learn more about how independent schools are finding unique ways to get students engaged and moving each day.

Benchmarking your school’s health services

The 2015 Research Questionnaire is still open, but not for long. Complete your questionnaire today by 11:59 PM Eastern!