National Nurses Week comes to a close

Magnus Health
May 12, 2015
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National Nurses Week comes to a close

Today marks the end of National Nurses Week, but if Mother’s Day taught us anything this year, it’s that you can continue to thank those near and dear to you, even after the official holiday ends. So, in the spirit of continuing our grattitude, and helping others express theirs, here are four pictures you can send to any nurse, to say thank you. Conveniently, they’re created at the perfect size for Facebook, too. Send them, print them, post them, do whatever feels right, but don’t miss the opportunity to tell your school nurse, or the nurses in hospitals, clinics, and physicians offices THANK YOU.

1) From the kids!



2) Generic for any nurse.



3) From the even bigger kids!



4) From the staff and parents.


Right click and download the pictures individually above, or click here to download all four at once!