New and updated Magnus services and features

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April 2, 2014
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New and updated Magnus services and features

The first quarter of 2014 has come to an end, and hopefully with it, all the cold, snow, and ice. As we look forward to the second quarter, and embrace the 70+ degree temperatures, let’s take a look back at all the Magnus activity over the last several months.


New services

Auto Roster Import: ARI is the newest addition to our data services, and is designed to automate the roster update process. ARI increases time savings, and allows schools to select the frequency with which they update their rosters. Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) keeps student information secure, and automation ensures student information is current. Learn more about ARI.

New and updated features

Electronically Signed Documents (ESD): Schools can elect to use Electronically Signed Documents, and transition many of their forms – consent to treat, for example – thereby eliminating the need for parents to ever print a form. The school can determine exactly what the form says, and the parent/guardian needs merely to type their name in the document and submit it (after reading it thoroughly of course).

School edits to VHR: With a simple click of the button, school administrators have the ability to edit a student’s VHR.

School insurance: School insurance is now an option under the Insurance section of the VHR. The VHR automatically selects school insurance for international students; however, it is an option for domestic students as well. Once this type of insurance is selected, parents are not required to complete any additional fields. Schools should contact the client services team to have this feature enabled in their account.

International phone numbers: The VHR now accepts international cell phone numbers for emergency contacts. However, text message alerts cannot be sent to non-US based phone numbers.

Submit a ticket for records: A new button in the Review Portal allows you to submit a ticket to Magnus to edit a document. This might be used for splitting, combining, rotating, or replacing an existing document.

Training site: This new site was created with your needs in mind, and contains an SMR user guide, step-by-step help articles, a Magnus certification course and quiz, and further resources.

Reorder Trackers: Trackers can now be reordered. This looks and functions similarly to reordering requirements.

Reorder Groups: Groups can now be reordered as well. This also looks and functions similarly to reordering requirements.

Magnus announcements

Charity Update: Our new charitable initiative is to fund school nursing positions in Wake County Public Schools. Moving forward, proceeds from our Raleigh International Dodgeball Charity Challenge (which will be held this fall), and year-long fundraising efforts, will go toward reaching the state ratio goal of one school nurse to every 750 students.

ASHE Award: Nominations for the 2014 ASHE Award close April 11th! Be sure to nominate your school health staff and become eligible for a $1,500 grant! Submit your nomination today!

Have questions or want to discuss any of the above? Let us know. If you’re already a customer, go ahead and contact Client Services. If you’re not a customer, I know a group of people who would love to talk to you.