Print blank forms [New feature]

I’ve never been much of a marathon runner. Okay, I’ve never been much of an exercise person in general unless you count carrying fifteen books home from the library. But when I heard about the Krispy Kreme 5K, I caved to peer pressure and signed up. How could I resist a good cause and a doughnut? Did I spend months training? Did I slowly work my way up to prime running form? Absolutely not. Climbing the hill up Peace Street was a beast. Without my Magnus teammates I would have thrown myself onto the sidewalk and happily quit. I staggered through, and promised myself to plan ahead next time and see the big hills coming.

This spring at Magnus we’re prepping for our very own back-to-school paperwork “marathon” which has its own set of hills. Some parents are already at the starting line in hypothetical sweatbands and track shorts. They’re ready to dash through paperwork before summer vacation. Cheering them on, we implemented a few simple new tools to help them finish in record time. Parents can now print blank forms and enjoy a new flow to the parent experience.

We have three new features to fit all levels of marathon runners.


  1. For our long distance runners who want to plan out the entire race from the beginning, use the new “print blank forms” button and get all your printable forms at once.
  2. For the meandering fun-runners, the new blank form icon allows individual blank forms to be printed whenever needed.
  3. For the sprinters out there, our physician signature flag shows which forms need doctor approval, so those forms can be printed as parents dash out the door for doctors appointments.

Next, we improved the race route. All the parents have to do is follow the prompts.

Electronically signed documents, and the vital health record are already forms you fill out online. But for the remaining paper forms, we simplified the step-by-step process for returning forms to school. Just like the colorful pennants lining the race route, the new user interface walks parents down a clear path for uploading, faxing or mailing a form. All they have to do is follow the signs and they’ll be finished lickety-split.

Step 1: Click Turn it in.



Step 2: Choose Yes or No.



Step 3: If you chose Yes, choose Upload or Fax/Mail.


Rest assured, if, in Step 2, the parent chooses No, we’ll walk them through that process too. The important thing is, the parent is in a workflow that will walk them step by step down the correct path. 

So whether your parents are seasoned marathon runners or first time fun-run sprinters, the updates to the parent portal are sure to have them celebrating their victory over back to school paperwork – without the ankle sprains and lactic acid buildup. I only wish there was a way to hand out doughnuts when they finish.