Risk vs. Reward: The Magnus journey for me and you

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March 5, 2015
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Risk vs. Reward: The Magnus journey for me and you


That was the email that started my Magnus journey close to seven years ago. I would officially sign on board about three weeks later.

I think this same message translates into what we are offering schools that join the Magnus family. I would word it like this: Considering software for better student care at your school? You might think there is risk, but we know it is very rewarding.

Over the years, we’ve worked with close to 300 independent schools, and we’ve built the thought leadership, best practices, and processes to give each school confidence in choosing us.

Each time we implement a new school, they say to us, “Please tell us what we need to do to set up our school for success!” They’re asking us to reassure them, provide them support, and ensure a positive outcome. The biggest comfort to each school here should be that all of those things are our most important goals as well. So how do we do that you ask?

  • We use sound data to make intelligent recommendations. Data from existing accounts, data from new research, data from past implementations. We use all the information at our disposal to improve each implementation.
  • We listen. We hear your concerns, we hear your needs, and we hear your wants. We do everything in our power to ease your worries and solve your needs, and we go to great lengths to grant as many wants as possible.

So back to Risk vs. Reward. Take a look at the statements below. These are things we hear from all of our schools. They might make you feel a little uneasy or like you’re taking a risk, but I hope I can articulate a counter argument that will change your opinion for the better.

Privacy and security are a top concern for our school and our parents.

We love to hear this because we are completely aligned with you. We built Magnus so you no longer have a fear that a binder of paper forms with students’ personal health information (PHI) ends up on the bench at an away game, never to return. Instead it remains contained within a secure, HIPAA and FERPA compliant, platform that has been validated by some of the best-in-class independent providers. We built our system with the utmost privacy and security in mind.

The relationship our school has with our parents is very unique.  

Don’t hate me. Instead, trust me when I tell you, you are not alone. I have personally implemented close to 100 schools on the software, and while every school is unique, the relationship you have with your parents is very similar to the relationship every other school has with their parents. The practices and guidance we give you for working with your parents, is based off of years of experience with parents just like your own.

Our parents do not return forms on time no matter what we do.

We’ve found this is simply not true when you take a firm stance. This is not a parent problem. This is a school problem. Less than 40% of independent schools have an enforced zero tolerance policy that requires all health forms completed by the first day of school. Our data shows that for every 500 students, you spend an unnecessary 200 man hours making follow-up phone calls and chasing down paperwork, often without the support of administration. This task often takes well into November to complete. It all can be avoided with a true zero tolerance compliance policy, and we will show you the path to get there.

Tile_4col_zeroTolTK-300x195We will show you how to hold parents accountable to their child, create a top down united front within your school, and never look back. Often, it will not happen overnight but we will give you the confidence to put an achievable plan in place. Many of our schools have already done this successfully, and we’re confident that you can too.

Our parents do not really embrace technology.

Our software gives parents the option to fax or even mail in forms if they choose not to upload or sign electronically within their account. Data shows that parents choose the low tech options less than 20% of the time. Even if a parent simply doesn’t like technology, it is immensely difficult for a parent in this day and age to not embrace technology.

These are some of the big concerns we frequently hear, so I’m betting you can understand how they might apply to your school as well. But, they’re not just concerns – they’re obstacles we help every school overcome. We help schools overcome the risk so they can see and embrace the reward, and I think that is a great way to look at a school’s journey with Magnus.

Now, back to where we started. In 2008, I did not know how much risk vs. reward would play a role in my journey with the company. After all this time, I can say it has been all reward. To every colleague, to every school, and everyone I have met along the way, thank you.


About the author

Allen-Cobb-landing-pageAllen Cobb is the Chief Product Officer and the creator of Magnus Academy, a two-day training event each summer. He is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, and he recently made his acting debut.

Read more about Allen, and all the coworkers for whom he’s thankful on the Meet Our Team page.