Should Home Economic Class Be Required at School?

While science, math, literature, and technology are core building blocks of education, there are some life skills that can’t be learned from textbooks. One of the biggest examples of this is the Home Economics class as it teaches students essential life skills and structure.

Not only should home economic classes be required in school, but they should also be required to cover topics like cooking and nutrition, budgeting and taxes, the basics of childcare, sewing, cleaning hacks, and so much more that will be of real benefit to a child’s future. These permanent life skills will allow for a more organized and efficient household as the students grow older, and will empower them to know their capabilities and become active members of society!

As for those who may think that teaching home economics in schools can take away from a student’s education, it is important to realize that the life skills learned in home economics can make for a smoother transition from teenagers to young adults, allowing students to have more time to focus on their education during the college years. Classes like this provide students with a basic understanding of what an effective house system looks like, and in return, minimize the stress young adults first feel when dealing with the ‘real world,’ giving them more time to clearly focus on their studies.

There has been a lot of attention drawn to the importance of school lunches and school gardens, but not many people are focusing on the simple curriculum elective of home economics. Home economics classes can empower students across the globe by teaching fundamental life skills that, at times, can’t be learned from textbooks or parents. Most importantly, skills learned in the home economics class provide for positive stimulants and confidence that every student needs!