Speed, speed and more speed!

Magnus Health
December 2, 2016
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Speed, speed and more speed!

Performance enhancements, code improvements and bug fixes…oh my. In our latest release on November 30, 2016, we’ve cleaned up and reproduced many sections within the back end of the Prescriptions section along with updates to the Medication Schedule making them cleaner, faster and more efficient!

Updates to the Medication Schedule include:

  • Records segmented into pages
  • A new ‘submit’ button added to the top of the page
  • Page controls added for navigation

The Medication schedule page now shows 30 records per page versus the previous long scrolling list. What does this mean for you? A faster load time and a narrower focus on the subset of records. For fluent navigation through the pages of records, new “Prev” and “Next” buttons have been added to the bottom of the page.

For convenience, we’ve also added a “submit” button to the top of each page. The “submit” button allows users to save data on the current page before moving on. If changes have been made to data on the current page the user cannot hit “next” without selecting “submit”. You will get a reminder if “submit” was not chosen to prevent users from unknowingly proceeding without saving any changes they have made. Of course, if there were no changes made to the page the user can proceed to the next page.

As always with every release, we’ve taken care of a few bugs in order to improve performance and to provide our client family with the industry’s leading student health software!