Integrating your student information system with Magnus Health

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Integrating your student information system with Magnus Health

tech_laptop,_typing_on_mac_4_smaller_cropThe way you collect, update, and manage student information is critical to effectively managing an independent or private school. In order to make the process efficient and streamlined, many schools utilize a student information system (SIS). But because student information systems can’t cover every need, they often integrate with systems that can provide a concentrated focus. For example, health and health center needs. Even student information systems that provide a “health option” often find integration a better option for schools seeking a health center solution. 

Schools who integrate their current SIS with Magnus Health’s student medical record (SMR) are bringing the best of two worlds together. An integration allows schools to work with robust health center software, while keeping student rosters, groups, and information up-to-date via their SIS. Sound like a helpful combination? Continue on to find out just how easy a software integration is with Magnus Health, and how it can save you time and energy.

Who can take advantage of a software integration?

We currently offer integration solutions for WhippleHill, Finalsite, Silverpoint, Senior Systems, Blackbaud NetCommunity, and Pearson PowerSchool users. Depending on which SIS and/or website platform your school uses, your integration will vary slightly. After all, integrations aren’t a “one size fits all” solution. We work to develop the best integration for each SIS.

And speaking of one size not fitting all… Did you know that you can still take advantage of an SIS integration even if you don’t use one of above software platforms? If you have programming resources available, we have a secure API for you to use to integrate your own systems. Check out our API services to see all that we have available to you.

What to expect

Our integrations are designed to save both school administrators, as well as parents time by bringing their student health records online. Implementing our web-based student medical record platform also allows independent schools to be more eco-friendly, in addition to saving time and money on print and mailing costs. It’s a win-win for the school and its parents.

So let’s boil it down: By integrating your student information system and/or school website platform with SMR, you can expect to securely transfer demographic data – such as student names and parent mail addresses – from your SIS to Magnus via a secure API (Application Programming Interface), or with our own ARI (Auto Roster Import) service. These processes keep your student information up-to-date on a hourly, daily, or weekly basis depending on the configuration of each integration.

How we maintain data security

Integrations are all about teamwork, and keeping data secure is no exception. As demographic data is transferred from your school’s student information system into Magnus, we rely on secure practices between our integration partners and our software to do the trick. With our current integration partners, we offer two secure data import options: API (Application Programming Interface) or ARI (Auto Roster Import). Both of these options are built to securely handle data, and the one you use will simply depend on your SIS. The best part? Many of these data transfers can be automated – while never compromising the integrity of the transfer.

The benefits of a student medical record integration

If time is valuable, energy is priceless. As independent and private schools become more aware of the range of student health needs, it’s clear that having an easy and secure way to track student health is vital to student and school success. In fact, in our inaugural Annual Report of Independent School Health Services, we found that over 55% of respondents are using electronic medical record software to manage student health information – and that trend is growing.

As more schools turn to technology to manage student health needs, it’s important that student information stays up-to-date. By integrating your student information system with Magnus Health’s student medical record software, you can achieve just that – while saving valuable time or energy.

Improved parent experience

We want to see everyone happy, and that includes parents. One of our favorite parts about integrations is that they improve parent experience online. Whether your integration allows for a single sign-on or a click-through link via your school’s website, an integration allows parents to access Magnus Health more easily. For WhippleHill, Finalsite, Silverpoint, Blackbaud NetCommunity, and Pearson PowerSchool users, this means parents access their Magnus account straight from your website, which makes everyone happy.

For more on our integration offerings, visit our software integration page to find the best fit for your school, plus learn more about how each integration works.