The Positive Impact Athletic Programs Have on Students and Schools

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The Positive Impact Athletic Programs Have on Students and Schools

Coachable children grow up to be employable adults. Athletics in young children teach a set of skills that become increasingly valuable as they go through life. Athletic programs have a positive impact on the students, in turn, positively impacting the schools as these children use the skills they gain from playing sports to become well-rounded students and adults.

Many sports or athletic events require children to work together as a team. By participating, children are learning important lessons in teamwork, trust, and communications. These skills will aid in their performance during classroom group projects, and eventually interpersonal relationships that will form in a future career setting. Team sports can also help instill accountability, dedication, and valuable leadership skills. While playing school sports, students not only learn from their losses, but also how to win with grace. Athletics promote a growth mindset, teaching children that while you may not be able to do something today, by being persistent and working hard, you will grow and improve as an athlete.

The relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement has been well documented in the literature, and various studies have reached the same conclusion… Academic achievement and self-esteem are positively correlated! The study conducted by the School of Exercise and Sport Science at Victoria University found that sports participation may improve cognitive health leading to improved academic achievement.

Playing sports requires students to participate in practices and team activities, and to show self-discipline while managing their time to complete schoolwork and maintaining a certain grade average. Self-control also carries over into the physical health of the student-athlete. In order to perform at a high level during a game or practice, making positive healthy choices is vital for the success of an athlete both physically and academically.

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