Tired of Shuffling Through Paperwork All Summer?

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May 26, 2017
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Tired of Shuffling Through Paperwork All Summer?

When you think of Summer vacation, what do you think of? Are you thinking of relaxation and time off or are you thinking of all of the form preparation needed for the next school year? With Summer quickly approaching, re-enrollment season is right around the corner. For many nurses and administrators, this means these next few months will consist of trying to collect and track down student health forms in order to prepare for admissions and re-enrollment. This process is a very time-consuming task for the majority of schools. Don’t forget about the endless calls coming in on a daily basis from parents with questions about requirements, forms and compliance… Summer vacation that should be used to de-stress becomes one of the busiest times for both schools and parents!  

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Now, imagine a relaxation filled summer with mental time off during the break. Using an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solution such as Magnus, allows this dream to become a reality! The Magnus software sends automatic reminders to each family listing the required forms for the new school year along with the deadlines. Our solution allows forms to be reviewed 100% online at the convenience of whomever is approving the documents. This can be done absolutely anywhere… at home, by the pool, or even at the beach! An increasing number of schools have been switching from paper methods of form collection and management to EMR software. About 58% of all Independent schools in the US utilize an EMR solution, which is a 20% increase over the past three years. More than 540 schools nationwide currently use the Magnus Health solution and save 3 weeks of admin work a year, while providing a painless experience for parents.


Often parents are sending students back to school with only partially filled requirements or nothing submitted at all! Parents are usually just as busy as schools during the back to school time. Families enjoy the simple, effortless process of completing requirements all on one online platform. EMR software makes it easy for parents to submit all requirements online, eliminating the need to print and fill out forms. Man writing on tablet (free download from Pexels).jpgThey can even take a picture of each record and upload it directly from their smartphone or tablet! Magnus schools report a 31% increase, on average, in parent compliance each year once they started using Magnus. No more printing, signing, and uploading forms that do not need to be signed by a physician. This reduces the time it takes parents to complete all of the requirements. Read our client success story on how Magnus has helped improve parent compliance by school day one at Norfolk Academy.

So put down those paper stacks and pick up that sun tan lotion. Let Magnus help you get your Summer back!

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