Update: Dodgeball meets school nurses

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Update: Dodgeball meets school nurses


Not too long ago, I wrote a post about our annual charity event, the Raleigh International Dodgeball Charity Challenge, and announced our new initiative. Now, I’m back with more details. First off, it’s September 27th, 2014, and you need to be there. Even if you’re across the country, you should book a flight to join us. It’s. That. Much. Fun.

This year’s initiative began with acknowledging some alarming numbers. The NC state-wide goal for school nurse to student ratio is 1 to 750. In actuality, NC public schools average 1 school nurse to every 1,200 students. That figure becomes more glaring when you look at Wake County – where Magnus HQ is located. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Annual School Health Services Report, the Wake County ratio is 1 school nurse to every 2,476 students.

That doesn’t sound so good, especially because we know how valuable the presence of a school nurse is to students, parents, teachers, staff, and administration. This study even put the value of a school nurse’s presence into dollar figures. Thus, our goal is to bridge the existing gap. We can’t accomplish that in just one year, unless Oprah wants to help out (anyone have connections?). This is a long-term goal. This is something we’ll work toward for years to come and chip away at it bit by bit.

To kick start this inititiave, we’re holding the Dodgeball Charity Challenge this September 27th. The intersection of W. Martin and S. Harrington Streets in Downtown Raleigh, around our office, will be shut down so we can all safely play in the streets. Plus, we’ll have food, family fun, and enough activity to ensure we all sleep well that night.

Visit our Raleigh International Dodgeball Charity Challenge website, and begin getting your team together. We need 64 teams to achieve maximum fun. Get your neighborhood, your co-workers, your corporation, your sorority/fraternity, and your best friend’s mom’s sister’s in-law’s former kickboxing instructor involved too! If you’re in to helping others and having a ball while you’re at it, this is the event for you!