Why Protecting Student Online Health Records is a Priority

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Why Protecting Student Online Health Records is a Priority

How do you keep track of your student’s health records? Whether your school uses paper recording, spreadsheets or has switched to multiple online platforms, there is a better way to organize and protect these vital health records.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why protecting  student online health records should be a priority for your school and ways this can be achieved.

Safely Welcome Students Back to School

Despite over a year of pandemic-driven social isolation and pain, there are encouraging signs on the horizon. With the CDC recommending anyone aged 12 years and over receive the COVID-19 vaccine, most schools plan to transition back to in-person learning come fall 2021 fully.

Have you considered how your school will track this influx of new vaccination records in addition to required health documentation collected every year? Here are some of the significant benefits of moving your student health form tracking online:

Security: Paper records can get lost in the shuffle or accidentally destroyed. At first, using multiple online applications may seem the only option available, but the more places these records are stored, the higher chance of their security being compromised. A student health tracker app is your one-stop solution to securely upload and track all vital health information your school holds through reliable software in a single portal.

Accessibility: This year, regardless of the extent of symptom screenings conducted, it’s crucial to have a plan and program in place that can accurately track and adapt symptom screenings and records for COVID wellness checks per CDC recommended guidelines. Your student health records should be easily accessible by the staff at your school that needs them the most. Having all student health records in one place promotes a more seamless communications process.

Compliance: By our accounts, 18% of schools require immunization documentation with a parent and a physician’s signature to meet school immunization form compliance by day 1 of the new school year. Magnus allows for streamlined reporting and charting that enables school staff to generate real-time immunization compliance reports accurately and securely.

Convenience: A Covid vaccine tracking app that keeps online health records secure also helps your staff stay productive. Our research shows that School Health Staff spend 38% of their time on administrative tasks, so having accurate information readily available will help them be more efficient. Additional app functionality helps save time with check-ins, allows health staff to set up clinical alerts, and send push notifications to parents.

 This upcoming school year, protecting online student health records on a secure platform that stores vital health data will help keep students, faculty, and staff safe while also giving parents peace of mind.

 Contact Magnus Health today to learn more about how they can help you protect your online student health records.