Jump-Start Your Year By Building Your Mental Health Toolkit

After a restful summer off, it’s time to jump-start your mental health and prioritize your wellbeing! Shifting from an easy-breezy summer to the hustle and bustle of fall can be challenging. Days begin to get shorter, schedules are full again and after-work priorities begin stacking up. Stress and anxiety can be ever present for you and your students as new routines go into effect for the school year. Join D&G Wellness Consulting to ensure you’re starting off the school year on the right foot. Together you’ll build a mental health toolkit that prioritizes your well being filled with:

  • Self Care strategies
  • Time management tips
  • Boundary setting techniques
  • Coping skills
  • Growth mindset reminders
  • Guidance on getting proper exercise and nutrition to fuel your body
  • An entire tool kit to use to manage your mental health effectively throughout the school year!

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